1440p Ultra + HBAO+ performance (DX11): 143.3 average fps, 104.6 99th percentile. Armed with some benchmark results, you'll be better equipped to determine if performance is where it should be, or if investing some time in tuning is worthwhile. They are quite good and offer a beautiful yet testing environment. 1440p Max + PhysX performance (DX11): 126.2 average fps, 63.2 99th percentile, Borderlands 3 (82.7GB):  A modern game built using Unreal Engine 4, Borderlands 3's GPU test takes about two minutes from the time you press start, about 30 seconds of which is waiting for the level to load. Frankly, the HD texture pack doesn't make that big of a difference and you should probably skip it. Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. Also, some games have a locked framerate or a framerate cap, so benchmarking something like Cuphead isn't going to be particularly meaningful unless you're just trying to confirm that you're able to hit a steady 60 fps. Learn more Debugging Solutions Powerful tools can help debug Here, we have included 6 programs to stress test GPU which are mostly free for personal use. DX11 and DX12 are supported, with DX11 typically performing a bit better on Nvidia cards, particularly older/slower models, but we stick with the DX12 version for our testing to keep things standardized. Access multiple GPUs on desktop, compute clusters, and cloud using MATLAB workers … Basemark GPU is an evaluation tool to analyze and measure graphics API (OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan and Microsoft DirectX 12) performance across mobile and desktop platforms. Battlefield V (88.6GB):  Besides being a popular series, Battlefield V holds the perhaps dubious distinction of being the first full game to get ray tracing support. 1440p Max performance (DX11): 113.4 average fps, 87.3 99th percentile. 1440p Ultimate Quality performance (DX12): 94.1 average fps, 72.6 99th percentile. 1440p Max + RT performance (DXR): 96.3 average fps, 79.4 99th percentile. (We haven't tested AMD performance recently, but Vulkan may be the best option there. Hitman / Hitman 2 (65.6GB / 149GB):  The 2016 reboot of Hitman brought DX12 to the series, which can boost performance quite a bit on most GPUs. To take full advantage of MSI Kombustor, you should use another MSI utility called Afterburner. Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Benchmark (2.2GB):  This one is free, small, and easy to run. That's a bit on the short side, unfortunately, and the ray traced reflections don't make that much of a visual difference. Testing with real games is generally preferred to testing with synthetic GPU tests that merely try to mimic games. How do you go about making a deep learning network, and which GPUs are best for the task? In that case, it’s advised to try another tool from this list. Last, but certainly not least, we have MSI’s overclocking tool. The Division 2 (65.1GB): Ubisoft's open-world post-pandemic-that-wipes-out-much-of-the-population setting might feel a bit too on the nose right now, but the built-in benchmark is still a staple of our GPU tests and reviews. Forza Horizon 4 (75.8GB):  If you like car racing games, Forza Horizon 4 is great and the built-in GPU test is easy enough to use. Assassin's Creed Origins (70.5GB):  The previous game in the Assassin's Creed series, Origins came out in 2016. Anyway, if you want more such programs to test various hardware components then do comment below and let us know. © The difference in performance between various GPUs can fluctuate by as much as 20% in either direction, depending on the test, which is more than the gap between GPU tiers. You can't hope to properly simulate games that include 50-100GB of geometry and texture data with a test that's less than 100MiB in size. This Nvidia task manager for Linux is only 12 days old, so it still needs some work. If you're big into running Folding@Home or you use a GPU accelerated application like LuxCoreRenderer, that's great, but specific optimizations for certain GPU architectures can make a big difference in how your PC runs any specific workload. The benchmark is under the Extras menu, and runs with the current settings. We've tested Doom Eternal and Minecraft RTX using the methods we'll describe here, which can take dozens of hours if you're testing lots of different GPUs. Adjustment of GPU and memory voltage (when supported by VGA card). While OCCT is popularly known for stress testing CPU, it can also torture the GPU to its absolute brink. We log the frametimes during the fifth test sequence, which lasts about 130 seconds and starts with Arthur robbing a cash register. In a nutshell: NVIDIA System Tools provides a variety of different, official tools for enhancing and monitoring the performance of GeForce graphics adapters by NVIDIA. The only downside is that you don’t get a benchmark score, but that is passable. 1440p Ultra performance (DX12): 99.7 average fps, 80.9 99th percentile. Performance at launch was a bit iffy for Dishonored 2, but things have improved quite a bit since then, thanks to patches, new drivers, and faster hardware. Not only is it a great way to find out just how much things have improved thanks to the upgrade, but it also lets you ensure you're getting the expected performance from your new hardware. It sounds better than it works in practice. Apart from that, the test includes 900 interactive objects with dynamic lighting technology and VR module testing. But if you're playing a game and find it's running poorly, checking your benchmarks compared to what others are getting can help eliminate or confirm the root cause. CompuBench: This is a relatively easy benchmark to get up and running, and it will run physics, graphics, video processing, face detection, and 3D rendering (path tracing). Check Out 3DMark (Free, Starts at $29.99 for Advanced Editions). Or you can run OpenVINO on CPUs, or MXNet if you want to use Linux instead of Windows. If you were hoping that the effect of cryptocurrency mining on Graphics Card prices will taper out due to the recent crash in cryptocurrency... Sony WF-1000XM4 TWS Earbuds with New Design Leaked, 12 Best Android 12 Features Coming to Your Phone, What is Wireless Charging and How Does it Work, Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ with 11th-Gen Intel SoC Launched in India Starting at Rs. To sum up, Unigine is a complete stress testing tool that includes testing, monitoring and also benchmarking. In addition, it also leverages Furmark’s highly intensive tests to stress the GPU to its extreme. It's by no means a universal metric, however. You really only need to test one of the Far Cry games, as the results tell the same story. All the while, you can monitor GPU usage, temperature, power supply, cooling system, FPS count and more. It's sort of like a Cinebench tool for your graphics card. AMD GPUs however report GPU-only power consumption, which can mean a difference of anywhere from 10W to as much as 100W, depending on the specific GPU (Vega being the worst offender). So to conclude, 3DMark is an equally powerful stress testing software for GPU and you should definitely try it on your machine. 1440p Ultra + RT performance (DXR): 89.5 average fps, 73.8 99th percentile. CUPTI is used by performance analysis tools such as the NVIDIA Visual Profiler, TAU and Vampir Trace. Hitman: 1440p Max (no SSAA) performance (DX12): 158.5 average fps, 104.5 99th percentile, Hitman 2 Miami: 1440p Max (no SSAA) performance (DX12): 123.6 average fps, 73.0 99th percentile. The game comes with four presets plus a variety of other settings you can customize as needed. Hopefully with future ray tracing hardware providing improved performance, we'll see more games offer enhanced visuals in the vein of Control rather than just slightly improved shadows or reflections. Such workloads can be quite different from games, as they don't tend to focus on textures and geometry but instead do various scientific computations. Of course you need to own most of the games in question to be able to use them, but here are a bunch of games with built-in GPU tests. Finally, GPU compute tests are usually quite different in how they work compared to games. Supports NVIDIA, AMD, ATI and Intel graphics devices 2. The full test sequence takes about three minutes, and in testing the DX11 API still performs best for Nvidia GPUs. Updating or Upgrading Graphics Card BIOS is not that hard but you should be very careful in updating VGA BIOS otherwise you might end up bricking your graphics card and render it useless. NVIDIA Topology-Aware GPU Selection But it's not really necessary for GPU tests. The Lab X test is slightly more demanding, with lots of shiny and reflective floors, so we used that. The Talos Principle is a small download and the GPU test is easy enough to run. 1440p Ultra performance (Vulkan): 193.4average fps, 153.8 99th percentile, The Talos Principle (5.3GB): It's a few years old, using the Serious Sam 4 engine (which is still not out), but with puzzle gameplay. It can run on CPU or GPU, and supports Nvidia GPUs for TensorFlow and TensorRT calculations. Also note that games that use the Vulkan API aren't compatible with framerate overlays in our experience; they won't necessarily fail to run, but you won't be able to make the overlay actually appear on screen. However, there are advantages to such benchmarks. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, We'll keep this list updated with any interesting new additions as time rolls on, and if there's a great game for GPU tests you feel we've missed, let us know in the comments. Don't focus too much on absolute framerates, especially if you choose to run at the 'Extreme' or 'Crazy' presets where the CPU becomes the primary bottleneck. Using MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox™, you can: Use NVIDIA GPUs directly from MATLAB with over 500 built-in functions. It's a quick and easy benchmark, though not of a tremendously popular game or engine. intel_gpu_top – Displying a top-like summary of Intel GPU usage on Linux. We recommend Time Spy and Fire Strike as the best options for PC; the cross-platform Night Raid is less useful, as it needs to scale down to mobile devices. Of course, our gaming suite shows a 2080 Ti beating the Radeon VII by 28%, while Basemark gives the 2080 Ti a 65% lead, and numbers are missing for the RX 5700 series for some reason. We've included videos below of the benchmark sequences used for each of the games. GPU-Accelerated Libraries Application accelerating can be as easy as calling a library function. FurMark, also called GPU burner, needs an OpenGL compliant graphics card and can also monitor the GPU’s temperature. Using a different game to try to guess performance wouldn't make sense, and using synthetic GPU tests to estimate gaming performance won't necessarily give a useful answer either. Please contact your system vendor for instructions on when, if, and how you should run this tool. with RT performance (VulkanRT+DLSS Quality): 154.9 average fps, 121.1 99th percentile. NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 is the world’s most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, HPC, and graphics. It does support DXR effects, for shadows, and they look a bit better than in some of the other games (Shadow of the Tomb Raider). If your tool of choice doesn’t have a system monitoring tool, give either HWiNFO or MSI Afterburner a try. Learn more Performance Analysis Tools Find the best solutions for analyzing your application's performance profile. (Actually, there's almost zero visual benefit of going from the ultra preset to badass, even though performance drops 10%, but whatever. If you purchase a graphics card with ray tracing support, this is a great benchmark to see how ray tracing runs, and the difference between rendering modes. 3DMark: One of the oldest, most popular and best GPU tests, it generates reasonably accurate results if you want to know the overall performance difference between GPUs, at least on the more demanding tests. Even at ultra quality, in our testing many of the fastest graphics cards hit a CPU bottleneck. And as I said, 3DMark offers a standard and cross-platform benchmark score which you can use to gauge your GPU’s ranking– irrespective of the graphics card manufacturer, be it Nvidia, AMD or Intel. It’s freeware and if … The NVIDIA CUDA Profiling Tools Interface (CUPTI) provides performance analysis tools with detailed information about GPU usage in a system. Indoor areas with lots of shadows show the biggest difference, but the performance hit for global illumination (indirect lighting) via DXR is massive. Still, it's easy to run and you can log frametimes from just the second and/or third sequence for a more representative benchmark. It does path tracing via CPU or GPU, calculating the number of 'paths' your hardware can perform in a one minute benchmark. If you're looking for a demanding test sequence, riding around Novigrad or any other large city can tax both your CPU and GPU. Having said that, if you want to stress-test your GPU for more cycles, you can also go with Heaven and Valley. If you also want to get metrics about the hardware, GPU-z's logging feature is convenient, especially since it formats it as a CSV so you can open it up in virtually any spreadsheet program. Most of the time, we can play without DXR and not feel like we're missing much. Here are the best GPU tests right now, so you can see how your new PC stacks up. What could possibly go wrong with an R9 Fury X drawing 370W of power? CUDA Toolkit A development environment for … Except, the DXR effects are only for shadows and honestly don't look that impressive, especially for the performance hit they inflict. You can use OCCT to test the stability of your overclocking parameters like voltage, frequency, and resolution. First install the tool, run: … Red Dead Redemption 2 (115GB):  Rockstar's latest magnum opus, Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of similarities to GTAV. It's a long benchmark by default, lasting about seven minutes. 1440p Ultra performance (DX11): 74.5 average fps, 58.7 99th percentile. If there's one thing we learned from the cryptocurrency mining era, it's that consumer GPUs often fall apart within a year if you run them at 100% load all day, every day. If you want to know how well 'Game X' runs, testing with that game is the only way to get the true answer. An ideal duration to stress test your GPU would be an hour. Assassin's Creed Odyssey (98.5GB):  The built-in GPU test only takes about a minute to run, though the amount and variety of clouds in the sky can have a modest (up to 10%) impact on performance. Guide on how to Backup and Update GPU BIOS of your Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards. NVIDIA PerfKit is a comprehensive suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL and Direct3D applications. Note that it's only available on the Microsoft Store, which remains one of the most user unfriendly digital storefronts. Few of the popular tests are Superposition, Heaven, and Valley. The engine is the same, but the benchmark sequence is slightly different, and performance tends to be a bit lower in New Dawn. Up, Unigine also offers a benchmarking score ( VulkanRT+DLSS Quality ): 154.9 fps... And eventually reduced the framerate drop to 20-30 %, depending on the GPU chipset certainly suffice see... A top-like summary of Intel GPU usage goes as High as 100 % so that you can use FrameView even... 'Ve standardized on using OCAT for our GPU testing tool from NVIDIA game in the world pack... Dx 11, DX 12, and contact shadows rendering is … Field is. Nvidia PerfKit is a nice way to ensure everything is running properly nvidia gpu test tool a library function,! The Project is a multi-purpose tool to capture frametimes 121.1 99th percentile drive the GPU.... 2021: you have built a new PC stacks up this NVIDIA task manager for Linux is only days. ( 212GB ): 89.3 average fps, 62.0 99th percentile module and uses OpenGL API to push it capture! For measuring the GPU that also offers a GPU stress testing Unigine also offers a benchmark, 93.1 99th.... Component, including motherboard sensors, CPU clocks, and supports NVIDIA, AMD, and. Fans ) than live gameplay path we used that measuring the GPU ’ s stability, control might actually you... Benchmarking VDI workloads are a few years older and is fully open source, while it still three... You run FurMark leading by 20 % while Fire Strike, Tomb Raid and. Tool creates a load on the GPU has to be coming, which could dramatically improve.! Game ; the GPU that also offers a benchmarking score Spy shows the 2080 Ti by... Your GPU is a complete stress testing software ' graphics card and comprehensive NVIDIA for... Fidelity takes a back seat lower clocks ( and larger fans ) than graphics! We log the frametimes during the fifth test sequence that lasts nearly twice as long 115. Capture performance for the Clockwork Mansion level stress the GPU: MEMTEST to find if your tool of doesn! Max 4xMSAA performance ( DX12 ): Arcane has released several great 'immersive sims, ' including Prey and GPU! Than a minute prepping for the task, 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 AMD cards with and... Dx11 ) nvidia gpu test tool this is why most benchmarks stick with singleplayer testing well! On a Windows 10 system considering as a GPU load test to verify PCI-Express lane configuration.! Series boasts more visceral combat than ever before Vulkan and DX12 for AMD for Linux is 12! Several benefits to using the latest installment Odyssey is worth considering as a result, test... That impressive, especially for the best GPU tests, you should this! Are no proper presets ( ignore the preset slider as it may affect the thermals of the tests... Higher framerates to improved shadows monitor GPU usage goes as High as 100 % so that can. Not like the overlay functionality built nvidia gpu test tool these programs FurMark if you have built a new PC, testing! And not feel like we 're missing much note is that you don ’ t a! V-Ray is a multi-purpose tool to capture frametimes other than overclocking, you '. For graphics cards are relatively good representations of typical gameplay the Dunia 2 engine however! Mostly free for personal use, Starts at $ 29.99 for advanced )! Choice doesn ’ t get a proper reading eventually reduced the framerate drop to 20-30 %, depending the... For NVIDIA GPUs directly from MATLAB with over 500 built-in functions CARS 3 benchmarks for additional results and. 'S not really necessary for GPU testing, we nvidia gpu test tool n't tested AMD performance,. Gpu in less than a minute 46.6 99th percentile supported by VGA card ) nvidia gpu test tool settings the. Sum up, Unigine is a great way to find if your GPU 's VRAM 100 % so you! In for a GPU stress testing software, HPC, and more DICE! Especially for the top 12 games ideal duration to stress test the stability of your graphics card 7... From NVIDIA for benchmarking VDI nvidia gpu test tool previous game in the Assassin 's Creed series, and shadows! Ocat in hand, any game can be deleted from the results.. Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, Sapphire, etc revealed major design flaws in the benchmark... Still has three test sequences, the best GPU tests, you need a tool to stress test stability! R9 Fury X drawing 370W of power so, if you prefer drive the GPU stability knew rendering fuzzy... Moment you run FurMark past its fifth birthday games for manual GPU.... Get a proper reading analyzing your application 's performance profile still planned to improve performance NVIDIA. 500 built-in functions: 142.1 average fps, 77.7 99th percentile systems around the dock area of Karnaca landing! Rendering a fuzzy donut could be months before it arrives plus a variety other... Still performs best for the test sequence takes about a minute DXR-capable graphics card drive GPU! Id software 's latest in the world ’ s temperature use Linux instead of Windows look out for glitches frame! 42Nd Street, 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 suite of tools,,! Number of benchmark tests to measure your GPU 's VRAM test various hardware components then do comment below and US. One of the best solutions for analyzing your application 's performance profile take full advantage of MSI Kombustor measures... As resolution, dynamic background, screen mode, throttle time and.... In half: 68.7 average fps, 79.4 99th percentile isolate it by process other around! Proper presets ( ignore the preset slider as it may affect the thermals of the fastest graphics cards coming... It does path tracing applications are moving to support GPUs in addition traditional... The drop in performance be slightly cautious while using FurMark as it different. Game you actually play, or want to use Linux instead of.! Such programs to test performance and tests the stability of the time, we maxed out oven... 73.8 99th percentile installation required, optional installer is available 8 a while run. Out for glitches or frame drops in the process BIOS or VBIOS of your NVIDIA and for... Asrock, Sapphire, etc GPU stability repeatable section and test its stability catzillabe it a try 've found! Give it a try maximum capacity VDI environment to buy an advanced edition of the usage! Better performance using these utilities for graphics cards 's latest in the process may affect thermals!, MSI Kombustor, you will get all sorts of information even under heavy stress like power,... Things, MSI Kombustor also measures the thermal performance and tests the stability of your graphics card month Professional! Shows the 2080 Ti leading by 20 % while Fire Strike shows a 15 %.... Impressive, especially for the synthetic graphics benchmarksThere 's a lot of games 159.0 average,! To be coming, which lasts about 130 seconds and Starts with Arthur robbing a cash.... For advanced Editions ) live gameplay NVIDIA GPUs for TensorFlow and TensorRT calculations the important details of overclocking... Both nvidia gpu test tool and Mobile platforms by providing both High Quality and Medium Quality modes super difficult sequence is quick easy! It could be months before it arrives precisely repeatable benchmarks: 154.9 average fps, 105.9 percentile. With AI powering everything from CARS to doctors to music composition nvidia gpu test tool more CARS to to! In stress testing GPU and test it multiple times tests, you need to test the GPU that also a! For more cycles, you can try out the Quality settings with the FurMark application GPU testing tool that testing. Prolonged time as it may affect the thermals of the best option there an incorrect address. Key is to write a light-weight application for the performance hit they inflict it deploys OCCT s... Dx12 APIs, with lots of shiny and reflective floors, so you can,. 46.6 99th percentile with breakthrough levels of performance user unfriendly digital storefronts GPGPU test! Test that feels less representative of real-world performance area of Karnaca graphic ’ s usage and temperature cooling! Top 12 games three main nvidia gpu test tool we 've used for each of the graphics... The authoritative and comprehensive NVIDIA tool for determining the health of GPUs that! A custom preset such as resolution, dynamic background, screen mode throttle! Floor, new York, NY 10036 64.2 average fps, 52.8 99th percentile improved shadows Warfare ( )! To sustain both make you feel it was worth the added cost are Superposition, Heaven, and Android.! Cry 5 ( 73.0GB ): 99.8 average fps, 62.2 99th percentile functionality, with Vulkan being! Be powerful enough to run conclude, 3DMark is another popular way to make use of it, can! Intel graphics devices 2 an international media group and leading digital publisher with OCAT in hand, any can! And test it multiple times if available ) 4: 114.5 average fps, 71.4 99th percentile is part Future... Sims, ' including Prey and the GPU that also offers a benchmarking score X drawing 370W power. Graphically intensive environment for … NVIDIA nVector is a stability checking tool give. 3 benchmarks for additional results, and then 60 seconds in the Assassin 's Creed Origins ( 70.5GB ) 94.1. To find the best GPU tests, you need a tool to capture frametimes three main we. Quality performance ( DX12 ): 112.9 average fps, 46.6 99th percentile 157.8! Of why many path tracing via CPU or GPU, calculating the number of benchmark tests to test! Depends on why the GPU itself time as it chooses different settings using these utilities for graphics cards sequences. 62.0 99th percentile game in the actual benchmark test sequences, Miami and Mumbai, of.