to do this you will have to have a relatively slow tps, but when you get better at it you can practice it by doing faster solves while looking ahead. Optimal moves: 9 HTM, Name: Mounted Fish, Untying Shoelaces OLL 45 (6-move T): 1/54 FRUR'U'F' The easiest OLL OLL 44: 1/54 Used in: OLL Used in: OLL Used in: OLL Used in: OLL (For help with notation visit this website: Used in: OLL 57 algorithms!? Used in: OLL see under:- Used in: OLL Used in: OCLL, OLL Note 1: All images and some algorithm names/categories are taken from the speedsolving wiki at The bars sticking off to the side of an unshaded piece represent where the sticker that needs to be on top is. You should already know 6 PLLs, and many of the algorithms are very similar to other ones. OLL - Orientating Last Layer PLL - Permuting Last Layer OLL - Orientating Last Layer ALL EDGES ORIENTATED CORRECTLY 26 R U2 R’ U’ R U’ R’ 27 R U R’ U R U2 R’ 21 (R U2 R’) ... CFOP 3x3 Rubiks Cube Algorithms. Used in: OLL Optimal moves: 9 HTM, Name: U, Headlights, Superman Used in: OLL The PLL algorithms are very important to master and expertize in. PLL solves the cube in 1 step after OLL, with a total of 21 algorithms. Free online speedcubing algorithm and reconstruction database, covers every algorithm for 2x2 - 6x6 including F2L, OLL, PLL, COLL, ZBLL, WV and much more Solution for 3x3 magic cube and speed cube twisty puzzle. Optimal moves: 6 HTM, Name: P OLL is usually followed by PLL . 2look OLL. Optimal moves: 10 HTM, Name: Right back squeezy Just try them all and decide which one works best for you. Used in: OLL It should be noted that these are the algorithms that I find easiest to perform. You should already know 10 OLLs, and a large chunk of the remaining cases can just be mirrored from other cases. Click on an algorithm (not the camera icon) to watch an animation of it. Advanced BLE Algorithms. Getting the "white cross" Optimal moves: 9 HTM, Name: Anti-Fung Optimal moves: 11 HTM, Name: Slash, Diagonal Solve Critiques PLL Recognition Trainer Glossary; FAQ; Premium Membership; Login; Register Feliks' Blog Livestreams; Tools . Used in: OLL OLL (Orientation of the Last Layer) solves the top color of the last layer. You can also order the table by trigger, which I think is much more conducive to memorisation. Optimal moves: 10 HTM. OLL is the last step in Fridrich method. I also recommend being able to perform this alg from a U2. (how to add algorithms). CFOP (Cross, F2L, OLL, PLL, pronounced C-F-O-P or C-fop) is a 3x3 speedsolving method proposed by several cubers around 1981.It is also known as the Fridrich Method after its popularizer, Jessica Fridrich.In part due to Fridrich's publication of the method on her website in 1995, CFOP has been the most dominant 3x3 speedcubing method since around 2000, with it and its variants used by the … Used in: OLL How to solve a 3x3 Rubik’s cube ... one solved edge piece is on the right side and the other one is on the backside and apply the below algorithm. Note that all of these algorithms are written in the Western notation, where a lowercase letter means a double-layer turn and rotations are denoted by x, y, and z. Best free website and app for desktop, mobile, android, apple ios iphone and ipad. Let's look at OLL & PLL parity. These cases are typically longer and harder to execute than others and are sometimes avoided. Speedcuber Sarah Strong's collection of Rubik's Cube algorithms. Used in: OCLL, OLL Optimal moves: 10 HTM, Name: Anti-Frying Pan Used in: OLL Yes, but the average move count is very low. There is also an easier OLL, called 2L OLL (2nd look Orienting Last Layer), in which you first create the first create the yellow cross, and then use seven new algorithms to complete the rest of the yellow side. Optimal moves: 11 HTM, Name: Bunny For example, Jb and F are just modified versions of T. In reality, it's not as hard as memorizing 21 new algorithms would seem. Advanced WV Algorithms. Third: All are in the correct position. 3x3 OLL. Some of the algorithms starts with (y) / (y') / (y2). Optimal moves: 6 HTM, Name: Sea-Mew, Wario, Anti-Moustache