In this image made from aerial video, emergency personnel recover the body of a shark attack victim on the coast of Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia, Sunday, June 7, 2020. Countries; Australia All shark attacks in Australia. The data, compiled from the Global Shark Attack File by online comparison site, shows there have been 295 unprovoked shark attacks - 122 in NSW - … The attack is the latest in a number of shark attacks in Australia so far this winter. A recent spate of shark attacks across Australia have reignited a fierce debate about how best to tackle the risks posed by ocean-dwelling man-eaters. Teen surfer dies in suspected shark attack in Australia. When combined with data from the Australian Shark Attack File, the outfall maps show that 30 per cent of all attacks in Australia from 2010 to 2016 occurred within five kilometres of outfalls. Research shows that some White Sharks travel tens of thousands of kilometres, some moving across the Bight to Western Australia, others to Tasmania and New Zealand. New South Wales has several locations noted as shark attack hotspots in the country. (ABC/CH7/CH9 via AP) These attacks are both historic and current with data supplied by the Global Shark Attack File. The idea of this map is to provide a resource that identifies the shark attack hotspots around the world. Broome, near where Sunday's shark attack took place, is about 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) north of Perth, Western Australia's largest city. Date Area Location Activity Incident Type Fatal? Details: No incidents match the current filter settings. And these are the six places where you’re most likely to bump into these ancient underwater predators. Whilst there are few surprises where the majority of attacks occur the map also shows some of the less likely spots where attacks have taken place. Shark Attacks: The Database. Australia is one of the most shark-infested countries on earth, with around 900 shark attacks since records began in the late 18th-century, including more than 200 fatal encounters. Reports estimate that a dozen to 150 men lost their lives in shark attacks. Australia. These locations include Bryon Bay, Ballina, and Lennox Head. Tracking sharks is helping NSW DPI scientists to determine their movement patterns and increase our knowledge of shark behaviour. Australia has had 904 unprovoked attacks since 1900, and 259 of which have been fatal while 645 were non-fatal.