Vehicle locks and bracket kits allow users to create a vehicle locking system to prevent theft and vandalism. Including Cab Window Covers, Wind and Rain Deflector Sets, Cab Window Airvents, Hood Bras, styling,, Cab & Sliding Door Steps, Roof Racks, Trailer Hitches, Rear Tire Racks, Rear Door Ladders No. Hey Y’all! Use it as long as you need it and then give us a call. Click on the big orange button in the email and you're all set! Everything is amplified when you live in a small space. I want to get a storage bin system where I can do that. No. It’s always important to think about how everything fits together when designing your van. Space above the countertop is occupied by our overhead storage; it would be wasted space otherwise! Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a171668312b097b5df52003188709b31" );document.getElementById("ee4373ee71").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We hope the storage solutions we came up with give you some ideas and inspiration for your own build. We store a lot of stuff in our kitchen cabinets – stove, fresh water tank, waste tank, extra fuel, fire extinguisher, knife set, emergency pee bottle, and cleaning supplies. Below that is another shelf that holds our plates, bowls, and tupperware. Sep 24, 2019 - Explore Rebecca Jones-Gebers's board "Happy Camper & RV - Outside Storage & Tips", followed by 847 people on Pinterest. Because of the way we built our pullout bed frame, we can also access this underbed storage from the main living area inside the van. They work perfectly, and they let us hold a bunch of useful things that might otherwise be hidden away in a box somewhere. And, we'd prefer to keep sandy,… There are a quite a few small things that we want to keep organized and be able to access easily. (see our tips and thoughts about living in a van during winter here: Winter Vanlife) The closet is especially useful during winter as we have much more gear to deal with: base layers, mid-layers, shells, pants, casual coats, etc., etc. I just got a 2002 Dodge that is really similar to you van, me and my dog Odie are gonna hit the road in the next couple of months! Back of the seat: POUCH-IT! Storage box for cargo van cabs, FleetLine steel with locking lid, 18″d x 12″w x 16″h. All we have to do is move the back cushion out of the way. Rob and Mike slowly edged their way out of IT and Engineering jobs by building up a collection of rental vans for folk to explore the Scottish Highlands. The bench also works in concert with our kitchen cabinets to save space and maximize storage. And that high ceiling also has another benefit: it’s a good opportunity to add more storage! The older Roadtreks have one or more compartments with a fiberglass door and a rubber hinge. with the shelves on the front and back that used to hold the tv/dvd /extra shelving stuff would it be structurally safe to cut them back instead of keeping them? Girlfriend’s back: POUCH-IT! For your parts/hardware bin. The price you pay remains the same, affiliate link or not. For example, the Decked Cargo Van Storage System creates a raised cargo floor surface that can support 2,000 pounds. Join 30,000+ followers via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, e-mail or Patreon: Hello! We fully detailed the construction process, it should gets you going! Starting from buying an efficient and reliable van, from there it's all about dressing it up with special equipment like shelves and storage accessories that create tons of storage room for tools, materials and supplies. Two more on the driver's side in your 144 WB van or three on the 170 WB (for a total of 4 or 5 bags depending on your van.) Underneath that floor, 2 full length slide-out drawers hold 200 pounds of materials each. WE BELIEVE THE KEY TO MAXIMIZE STORAGE SPACE IN A VAN CONVERSION IS GOOD PLANNING. Use it as long as you need it and then give us a call. And we further make use of unused and unusable space in our van. Use hot glue to glue a sample to the outside. We travel for extended periods of time, often through varied climates in the same trip, which usually means we need clothes for different weather, sports equipment, safety gear, etc., and it can be challenging to find the space. The bed is two feet above the floor of the van, which easily allows us to store all of our bulkier items. The fleet peaked at twenty vehicles in 2008 and all was well with the world. The Decked Cargo Van Storage System. Storage below dinettes if possible and not used by conversion components. ← Wander Pupdates by Nymeria: What Does a Dog Need for Vanlife? 99 By Shipler Commercial Photographers. Feb 9, 2019 - Storage solutions for every inch of your RV, van or small space. The lip where our high top connects to the van body created a natural shelf that was perfect for attaching more robust shelving. Sort by. ... 120vac power on the outside of the van is not a problem with exterior 120vac outlet. When we gutted the van and ripped all this out, we discovered spacious shelves in these areas that were perfect for storage. With stuff spewing out all over the place, even the comfiest RV can begin to feel cramped and claustrophobic. See more ideas about van, camper van, van storage. RB Components, Inc. 14050 Freeway Drive. Promaster Roof Rack and Awning Package. Designed to take the abuse of work trucks, this van organizer leaves nothing to spare. We cover everything you need to know - pros & cons, bathrooms & showers, where to sleep, making money on the road, FAQ - and more! Support legs drop down or can be attached to the side of the van, canopy angle is adjustable. 1. Model: W40-A. It works perfectly to hold anything that we need in reach while driving. TRUST US! We built our bed platform tall enough to have plenty of storage space underneath. When designing the layout of our van, we knew we wanted many small storage units so that: 1- each of us has its own personal storage space.2- each object, or category of objects, has a dedicated place. With diligence and the right tools, you ensure that it maintains a showroom-quality look and a pristine finish. We fully detailed the construction process: material, tools, products, pictures, etc.! P: 562.802.1200. In our quest to maximize storage and eliminate dead space, we noticed that when the side doors were closed there was a ton of empty space above the steps into the van. Buying through our product links is the best way to say thanks if we were of any help for your conversion! Conversion vans have a lot of little quirks that make them great for custom van builds (but also can cause some headaches, like dealing with weird-shaped rounded fiberglass roofs). Want more detailed instructions on how to build something we talk about here? We cover just about everything you need to know - from planning, to insulation, to solar and electrical, to picking appliances, to essential tools. To store and organize our small items, we cut the shoe rack into smaller pieces, added eyelets to the top, and tied them around the headrests of the driver and passenger seats using twine. DIY & AFTERMARKET. We also store food in the column close to the kitchen. We have exterior storage boxes by Aluminess, which are light and strong. Bedside Storage Shelves and Cup Holders, 3. Sort by. You can load up with exterior accessories here, making your van more functional and more fun. Similarly to the suspended shelves, the hooks allow to occupy storage space up above. Nothing compares to these innovative, ergonomically-designed racks! The shelves at the front and back of our van are made of sheet metal and are part of the original roof. Moisture will often seep into the interior causing mildew and mold. Our conversion van originally had a media center with TV/VCR above the front cab and little storage cubbies above the rear bench seat. Abstract. Exterior Storage. Those weird dimensions are actually nice round numbers when you convert them back to metric. Toilet cabinet: POUCH-IT! In a minute one person can silently crank out the awning for cool shade and rain protection.